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Join Coach Nick, the brains behind some of the best video analysis of the NBA, as he welcomes guests from all facets of basketball for in depth discussions on everything from how your favorite team is running their offense, to the latest trade rumors, to cutting edge training techniques, and new fundamentals of basketball being developed daily. Twitter: @bballbreakdown Facebook: YouTube:
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Aug 23, 2017

Did the Celtics give up too much for Kyrie Irving?

Have the Cavs improved enough to beat the Warriors?

Do the Jimmy Butler and Paul George trades look worse now?

Aug 10, 2017

Dave McMenamin is an NBA Reporter for ESPN who the insider information on the everything to do with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Coach Nick dives into the Kyrie question and what it's like being a Number 2 to LeBron James.

Aug 8, 2017

Will the dual role of coach and gm become extinct?

How will D’Antoni and Harden affect Chris Paul’s mindset?

Are you as excited as we are for Eurobasket?

Aug 4, 2017

Which teams had the best off season by far?

How much have the Thunder improved?

Is the Melo to the Rockets trade dead?

Jul 31, 2017

Is Lavar Ball good for the game?

What Will Hornacek’s Offense look like this year?

What changes would we make with the NBA rules?

Jul 28, 2017

What will the Knicks look like this season?

Can Javale McGee improve enough to be a starter?

How do Dave and I watch NBA Games?

Jul 24, 2017

What is the latest in the Kyrie Irving Experience Situation?

How Does Carmelo Anthony fit into all of this?

Why has the free agent market dried up so quickly?

Jul 21, 2017

Did Kyrie Really just request a trade from the Cavaliers?

Where should he go?

Who should the Cavs get in return

Jul 19, 2017

What can we take away from the Summer League?

Are players now that much more athletic than the 70s?

How deep is the Daryl Morey effect on the league?

Jul 17, 2017

How Good Will The Lakers Be?

Can Melo Find His Way To Houston?

Who Stood Out In The Summer League?

Jul 14, 2017

Author Shawn Fury joins Coach Nick to discuss his latest book on the origins of the jump shot "Rise And Fire." This is a fascinating discussion that delves not only into the history of the jump shot itself, but the evolution of the mechanics of the most exciting shot in basketball.

Who invented the jump shot?

How did it evolve?

Will the 3 pointer forever change the game going forward?

Jul 5, 2017

How does the Gordon Hayward signing affect the Celtics?

Does Danilo Gallinari make the Clippers better?

Have the Warriors made the best off season moves thus far?

Jul 3, 2017

Has OKC done enough to improve?

How will Chris Paul fit in Houston?

What does every other free agent move mean to the NBA?

Jun 29, 2017

What is Daryl Morey trying to do?

Will Chris Paul fit in with James Harden?

And what does the end of the Phil Jackson era mean to the Knicks?

Jun 28, 2017

Join Coach Nick, Dave DuFour, and Adam Stanco on their weekly 3 Man podcast to discuss the latest in the NBA news including:

Will Paul George End Up in Boston?

Did Russell Westbrook deserve the MVP?

What other free agent moves might ripple across the NBA?

Jun 26, 2017

Where is Paul George Headed?

What can the Cavs do to compete with the Warriors?

Who will be better: Jayson Tatum or Josh Jackson?

Jun 23, 2017

Who was the winner of the 2017 NBA Draft (Kings)?

Will the Jimmy Butler trade haunt the Bulls for years to come?

What is the future of the power forward position in the NBA?

Join Coach Nick, Dave DuFour, and college basketball insider Adam Stanco for a deep dive into the first round picks and what this means for the landscape of the NBA.

Jun 19, 2017

What do the celtics and Danny Ainge have up their sleeve?

Can the Sixers turn their fortunes around this year?

How does Paul george affect the entire landscape of the NBA?

Jun 16, 2017

How does the NBA get more exciting again?

Can the Lakers turn their fortunes around?

Who are some of the players to watch in this year’s draft?

Jordan Schultz, HuffPost Sports Columnist, Bleacher Report College Hoops Analyst, SI Now NBA Analyst joins Coach Nick to weigh in on the Bucks and Lakers futures, plus some players to watch for in the upcoming NBA Draft.

Jun 13, 2017

How did the Warriors pull this game out?


Do the Cavaliers need to break up their team?


Who is next in line to become champion?

Jun 9, 2017

What are the Warriors and Cavaliers saying in the locker rooms?

Has Golden State Wrapped This Thing up?

Is this the best team of all time?

Jun 8, 2017

How stunning was the end of Game 3?

Do the Cavaliers have any hope left in this series?

Where does this Warriors team rank among the great NBA teams?

Jun 5, 2017

Is this series over?

Can the Cavaliers make any adjustments?

Just how good is Kevin Freakin’ Durant?

Jun 2, 2017

Just how good are the Warriors?

What can the Cavs do to get back in this series?

Is there any answer for Kevin Freakin’ Durant?

May 30, 2017

How Close Will This NBA Finals Be?

What Are The Keys For Both Teams?

Will LeBron Be Able To Outdo Himself From Last Year?

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